We’re Live! Who’s Who at Cooper Press?

In 2011, Cooper Press launched, and its founder, Peter Cooper, always intended to have a company blog from which to share insights and data from running a modern media company. But with a lack of time after sending millions of e-mails each week, it never happened.. until a full-time blogger was brought on board (me, Za’e) — a mere 5 years later!

We’ll be posting every week now, so get prepared for a variety of opinions, company decisions, news on business ventures, as well as a look at the highs and lows that we face (plus reports on our high quality office banter).

What Cooper Press Does

Cooper Press produces around 10 weekly e-mail newsletters covering topics like JavaScript, Ruby, databases, and Web browsers. They reach an international audience of over 300,ooo people with the majority in the United States and Europe (but an increasingly growing contingent in China and India).

Cooper Press began as a one man operation, but with the help of many great sponsors, the company quickly took off and we now work from three swanky offices and have nine full-time staff (four of whom were lucky enough to travel to San Francisco to take part in this year’s O’Reilly Fluent conference).

But who are we…?

Say hello to the Cooper Press Team

Peter Cooper


The man behind the business. Peter is the boss and what he says goes. If you don’t find him working hard on the newest newsletters or helping someone then he’s usually Snapchatting (he’s peterccc) like a 13 year old or drinking Red Bull. Peter loves nothing more than to play hip hop in the office.

Peter on Twitter

Jessica Thompson

Creative Director

Our creative force. Jess has a Masters in Digital Media and is a pro at creating our logos, media kits, Twitter graphics and similar materials. She is the office photographer and has her camera at the ready to capture stunning sunsets. Jess also has an amazing talent of making your picture look presentable.

Jess on Twitter

Kristina Hicks

COO & Sales Director

Has what we call in the UK, the “gift of the gab.” Kristina plays a huge part in keeping the company up and running connecting with our sponsors, and offering them deals that they can’t refuse. Kristina keeps the office up-to-date with gossip about the latest über-interesting contestants on Big Brother and Katie Price.

Kristina on Twitter

Laura Cooper

HR Manager

Peter’s lovely Mrs and mother to their two adorable daughters. Laura often pops in and out of the Cooper Press office, her main role is dealing with serious matters like resolving debates in the workplace and similar personal issues. She will respond to banter-related incidents in the appropriate manner rather than telling you to ‘man up’.

Sam Baker

Sales & Growth Associate

Sam is the newest addition to the sales team, with a degree in Business & Event Management. Sam’s main role at Cooper Press is to use Twitter to connect with our audience and clients as well as promoting our newsletters and our blog. Since mentioning her love of baking (it’s in her name after all) we’re giving her the important task of providing the team with cakes.

Sam on Twitter

Frances Brindle

Office Manager

Fran’s job is to help office life run as smoothly as possible and is Peter’s right hand lady. If any of our staff need anything, Fran is the one to go to. She has earned herself the nickname Office Mum as she constantly provides hot drinks and cleans up after everyone. Fran means business and is amazing at chasing people up.

Olly Hanstock

Data Analyst

With a background in sports analysis, Olly’s in charge of anything that involves a spreadsheet and is here to help Peter, Kristina and Sam by showing them what is working for our readers and sponsors, and what isn’t. Olly is an all-round football head with excellent tea-making skills.

Olly on Twitter

Za’e Johnson

Editorial Coordinator and Blogger

The not-so-pretty face behind the company blog and your humble author today. Having recently graduated from university with a degree in Professional Writing, Za’e struggled to find her place in the writing industry until a position came up at Cooper Press. Now she writes for this very blog, helps brainstorm ideas and is an all-round nuisance.

Za’e on Twitter

Chris Brandrick

Editorial Director

Chris has joined the Cooper Press team to lead the editorial development of new titles and publications, in addition to collaborating with the team on our existing properties.

Beyond a career in the web industry, Chris has also written for a number of global publications prior to joining us, including MacWorld, PCWorld, GigaOM and The Next Web.

You can find him talking all things tech and videogames on Twitter.

Chris Brandrick on Twitter | Chris Brandrick on Snapchat

It’s safe to say that Cooper Press is a female dominated office so far..

Congratulations if you’ve made it this far — you’re our new favourite person!

If you’re not yet following us on Twitter, you can do so @CooperPress — but most importantly, check out our various newsletters because they’ll help you stay ahead of the news and releases that matter in your part of the programming world.

Lastly, if you want to reach out to us to say hi or generally complain at us about this blog post, feel free to leave a comment here, or e-mail Za’e (me!) directly at zae@cooperpress.com. If you have however enjoyed this post feel free to recommend it and share it with your friends.

Watch this space…

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