Welcoming Chris Brandrick — Our Editorial Director

Lover of video games, French house music, ramen and emoji 😎

We recently welcomed a new member to the Cooperpress family.

Chris Brandrick joins our growing team as Editorial Director — taking charge of this very blog, editorial development duties on both new and existing publications and curation of our various newsletters.

He will be working alongside our Publisher-In-Chief Peter Cooper, and Editorial Coordinator Za’e Johnson.

Rather than immediately blog about him joining the team, we’ve spent the first few weeks helping him find his feet and begging him to stop singing Enya’s Orinoco Flow (which by the way, isn’t a good track to code to).

During his first few weeks, Chris (or as we have dubbed him ‘Brandy’) has blogged about the team trip to San Francisco, in addition to covering how Cooper Press is crafting our spirit of community with our thriving audience.

Prior to joining the team Chris worked in both the web and publishing industries.

Former roles include front-end developer for the University of Lincoln, co-founder of local media start-up Stonebow Media, and a freelance writer with a passion for all things technology. Chris’ writing has appeared in titles such as PCWorld, The Next Web, GigaOM, CIO, GamePro, MacWorld and others.

This mix of both web knowledge and editorial experience made him the right fit for the role, as we strive to keep developers informed.

The team totally nails a high-five. 🖐

You can follow Chris on Twitter: @chrisbrandrick, email him directly on cbrandrick@cooperpress.com, or say hey in the comments.