Coorest Updates | Elysium, New Game and Wildlife Projects on Board

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Welcome, Coorestians!

In this update, we are going to focus on 3 important announcements.

Let’s start!

  1. Elysium joins Coorest's vision for a carbon-neutral world

As Vulcan Forged already announced, Elysium joins Coorest in the quest for carbon neutrality. Elysium plans on doing this by creating a carbon-neutral blockchain.

The Elysium blockchain

A blockchain designed for crypto gaming projects, mostly used for NFTs.

Elysium has already built a massive ecosystem with projects such as Coddle Pets, Satoshi City, Chumbi Valley, The Husl, Geocats, Sincity, Galactic fight league, and VulcanVerse. Five more Metaverses will be announced soon.

The Elysium Ecosystem

Elysium was investigating how to compensate for its CO2 emissions due to transactions’ energy costs.

Here Coorest came to provide the solution.

“Compensating our footprint with NFTrees is the blockchain solution of reducing our emissions. It’s also a way for us to support a green project”.


Elysium will be planting trees by using the gas fees from all transactions on their blockchain. This will be used to plant trees and expand the forests. So, all transactions done on the Elysium blockchain will be used to buy a small piece of a tree. In this way, the CO2 emitted will be neutralized.

How many trees will compensate for the servers’ emissions?

The Elysium chain needs servers to validate all transactions. These servers consume electricity and therefore emit carbon. Based on calculations done by Greenhouse gas report conversion factors for 2020 by the UK government as the source, the conclusion is the following:

Let’s assume that half of the nodes are on cloud servers while the other half are on non-cloud servers. Consequently, the power comes from a mix of 50/50 fossil and green energy sources.

The average CO2/year per server is 537 kg CO2.
For one server, we will need 22 trees.

For 100 servers that are necessary for validator nodes:

  1. 100 x 537kg CO2e emission on a yearly basis.

2. 2148 trees to compensate for the CO2 based on 100 validator nodes.

(These calculations are from Vulcan Forged and Elysium blockchain)

2. CRST game from Coorest

Our team is rapidly growing and evolving, to be ready for the establishment of Coorest dApp and Coorest tokens in the crypto market.

For this reason, we are currently under development and building a CRST game that is about to be launched in 2022.

More announcements and information will be available soon.

3. Wildlife projects join the Coorest vision

Except for PLCnetwork which has already joined Coorest's vision for a carbon-neutral world, there are discussions and closely agreed on partnerships with new projects and teams which are active against the fight for climate change.

More announcements coming soon.

Read the whole white paper to understand Coorest’s vision.

Buy an NFTree, collect the CCO2 tokens and burn the tokens to register the amount of CO2 you removed. Buy here.

Join the Coorest community and help us build a better future!

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Coorest’s NFTrees, $CCO2 tokens and DApp make carbon compensation easy and transparent.

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Coorest Official

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