Coorest: Building Trust, One Tree at a Time

Everyone realizes blockchain technologies offer a new and exciting frontier for communities. Especially ones that try to tackle century-old problems such as the ongoing climate crisis. Coorest’s goal is to ensure that individuals and businesses have the accessible means to combat climate change.

Along with the fact that Coorest has an international, enthusiastic team that harnesses the energy of up-to-date young professionals as well as the expertise of industry veterans, Coorest has the means to distinguish itself in a rather unique manner: building trust.

Even in today’s online climate, trust is a quality that cannot be purchased. It is something every actor must earn, maintain and improve upon. This is especially true for blockchain technologies where credibility and trustworthiness remain one of the most glaring issues. Coorest has clear goals and technological know-how to address those issues. But we also offer something most other industry members cannot:

Coorest offers transparent blockchain solutions — ones that the participant can see and observe.

As a company that values animals and plant life immensely, we use blockchain technology to help save the planet. Here are just a few examples:

  • NFTrees: They are actual, tangible and unique trees linked to your very own token.
  • $CCO2 data registry; You can view your contribution to the environment in an extremely convenient way. In the future, you will have the ability to look up how much carbon dioxide you removed by using your $CCO2 tokens.

Coorest offers revolutionary solutions to environmental problems by harnessing the power of blockchain technology. It also offers additional rewards to individuals and organizations that directly contribute to the preservation of the environment.

Coupled with the fact that the carbon economy is booming and is expected to continue providing substantial outcomes, Coorest believes that there is much it can offer to the carbon emission problem — and has the technology and innovative ideas to back this claim!

Read the whole white paper to understand Coorest’s vision.

Buy an NFTree, collect the CCO2 tokens and burn the tokens to register the amount of CO2 you removed. Buy here.

Join our community to help us build a better future!

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Coorest’s NFTrees, $CCO2 tokens and DApp make carbon compensation easy and transparent.

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Coorest Official

Coorest Official

Coorest is a complete ecosystem of blockchain solutions that bridge the real & digital world.

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