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Why You Need to Keep Your Sales Battlecards Up to Date

Battlecards can be one of the most influential and useful tools for your sales team — but in order to be the tool you need them to be, you have to make sure that your battlecards are set up correctly, to begin.

Think about why you need to keep your battlecards dynamic. Your competitors change about as frequently as yourself:

  • Did they launch a new product?
  • Did the company change hands?
  • Are they focusing on a new segment?
  • Did something else happen that reps should be aware of but aren’t?

You likely remember this from your sales training. This is one of the many reasons you need to keep battlecards up to date.

Battlecards Must Be as Dynamic as Possible

Roughly 77 percent of buyers research a prospect company before they hop on a call. Before picking up the phone, your sales reps will ask better questions if they know who they’re talking to. Otherwise, you’re at risk of delivering a generic sales pitch where chance will determine the outcome.

Your battlecards should continuously change and evolve. Even if you’re able to mention that you heard so-and-so just got hired as the new COO, this shows that you’re up on the company and what they stand for. The more important part of this live conversation equation has incorrect information.

Having out-of-date information, simply put, makes you look bad, and it’s more likely the buyer will lose confidence in you. You can try to pull a trick out of your sales playbook to leverage the faux pas, but there’s no need to make life tougher for yourself.

How to Update Battlecards

This is where your sales and your marketing team need to work together. The responsibility of the accuracy of the battlecards depends on how you dole out who does what at your particular company. More often than not, it falls on the shoulders of the marketing team.

Marketing teams need to strive to make this material easily actionable for the sales team. Too often, marketing puts out content without thinking about how to make life easier for the sales reps. Yes, perhaps sales should put in more effort but this usually doesn’t happen. Leading to unused collateral.

The sales team will look at the battlecards the marketing team creates and assume the information is right. Teams have to work together. There are some good tools out there to help update battlecards. The bottom line is, you need someone to consistently look at these cards and ensure that they are up to date, accurate and implemented.

To learn more about battlecards and how you can use them to crush it when your in a call, contact Chris at today to find out how we can help.



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