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Democracy: Capitalism’s Achilles Heel

How to terraform the political and economic landscape by voting every single day

Leo Greenwood
7 min readMay 15, 2024


What To Do?

Political Realm Is No Longer Designed for Democracy

“It’s not a democracy, it’s an elected dictatorship,”

I said to my very politically-enamoured father about a decade ago. It’s easy to see how I got there. We make a forced decision every four or five years, choosing between which rich people we want to run the country, in an election system that produces such skewed results you might not believe it if I told you.

In the UK general election of 2019 for example, 67% of the registered voters came to vote, and of that 67%, 43.6% voted for the Conservative party and this was enough to get them into power.

So the UK is currently run by a political party that only 20.8% of the total population actually voted for.

Each time a party gets into power, they alter the laws to accommodate their friends and campaign donors, personal business interests and wage packets.

Then the next election rolls around and a bunch of lies are spread around, promises are made…



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