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I Fell into the Wormhole — And I Can’t Get Out!

Image by Genty from Pixabay

Today may just be the day that I am forced to admit to having no strong handle on this situation.

Although I am the primary economic and business development person for a mid-sized suburban Chicago municipality, I am starting to lose it here.

Long-known for my coolheadedness, calm demeanor, and composure that has been mistaken for nonchalance by many, even…

Articles, strategy and advice on how to survive and thrive during the Coronavirus Pandemic and Recession of 2020. I hope to retire this publication by the end of this year as a cure is created or the virus subsides on its own or both. Submittals encouraged.

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M. Bernard Bloom

M. Bernard Bloom

I am a middle aged middle class guy living in the Midwest. Married father of two children and a Morkie. Long-time economic developer and former P.O.

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