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The article can quickly help players familiarize themselves with CoPuppy 3d collection and undersatand the function of Genesis Card and share Card.

CoPuppy 3D collections include Genesis Card and Share Card. MiniNFT is also a type of Share Card. Genesis Card including 10 different breeds and different styles of unique dogs. Share Card have four different Puppy Styles: fashion series, cute pet series, science series and fantasy series. Different series of sharing cards have different rarities. These rarities represent the proportion of your share card bonus scheme.

MiniNFT belongs to N-level sharing card.

Copuppy 3D Collections Highlights:

✨ Just Hold NFT to enjoy bonus scheme (Farms -Equity NFT Farm- Genesis Card or Share Card).

✨ Genesis Card possess super governance rights and 2D game dividend rights (can get unlock fee from Puppy Battle ).

✨ Participate in the Metaverse “Puppy World” PvP arena and get benefits.

The Ways to Get Copuppy 3D Collections:

#1 Use BNB to get Genesis Card in Treasureland.

[Cyberpunk] — SHIBA INU can get from Treasureland, Prepare $BNB to participate in the auction. The starting price is 100BNB. After each Bid, the price will increase by 5 $BNB until the auction is successful.

The detailed auction rules are as follows:

Start time: July 31, 2021.

The remaining Genesis Card can be obtained by following official information.

#2 Surprise 3D Mystery Box to get Share Cards.

Share Card can be obtained through Surprise 3D Mystery Box, There are 2000 Surprise 3D Mystery Box in the first round, and each box is priced at 200 USDT.

Start time: August 3, 2021.


MININFT also belongs to 3D collectibles, and its function is the same as regular NFT (Share Card).Players can collect MININFT through airdrop activities, Twitter activities, AMA activities, Bounty activities, etc.

Share Card can only be obtained through Super Mystery Box.



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