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CoPuppy Major Updates

Upgrade overview

Upgrade impact

  1. It is now easier to get a share card. Puppies can be obtained by participating in Surprise Mystery Box or DAO. Through this mode, we can lock a large amount of $CP without changing the output of the Share Card.
  2. Due to the high cost of the first round of 2D-Game Card and the inactive user participation, we increased the supply of Game Mystery Box. We believe that regular supply can help players adapt to “Puppy Battle” faster.
  3. With the addition of new features to “Puppies Battle”, the game’s fun has been greatly increased. I believe Puppies on the Leaderboard will soon be able to get their beloved gems, wood and other raw materials!
  4. The main functions of CoPuppy are adjusted to prepare for the arrival of Puppy World Metaverse. Raw materials such as gems, wood, ores will be used in the production of Puppy World. Please cherish the raw materials and $CP in your hands. They will be very valuable!

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