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CoPuppy Metaverse — Use’s Quick Manual

CoPuppy official Gitbook document

This article can quickly help users understand the Puppy World meta-universe and understand the functions of each block.

Puppy World is composed of seven different regions, each of which has different functions and characteristics, and even the “gangs” in each region have their own merits.

In Puppy World, you need to pay close attention to the development of each region and their respective functions, so as to survive in this crazy world.

Map of Puppy World

Down Town

The Genesis DAO headquarters and city hall are located. In the center of Puppy World, Genesis DAO will determine the development direction of Puppy World.

There are currently 10 members of Genesis DAO. These 10 members will follow the “Doge” one vote system to discuss major decisions related to the destiny of Puppy World, such as housing and land planning, mining tax law, and PVP arena rules.
In the initial stage of the construction of Puppy World, the project team will play the role of Genesis DAO, until the completion of Puppy World’s infrastructure, it will transfer the rights to Genesis DAO.

Down Town

Want to join Genesis DAO? Come and join the Treasureland Genesis Card auction!


Othello was once the richest area in Puppy World, but after various natural disasters and economic crises, the impoverished Othello has become an area completely opposite to the city center.


In Othello, players can freely trade Share Card equipment, Puppy Battle gems, and accept tasks from other people’s clients (it will be presented in the form of smart contracts in Puppy World). But please remember to abide by the rules.

This is the site of [Shiba Inu Gang] and [St. Bernard]. All transaction orders need to pay corresponding fees to these local snakes.

Shiba Inu Gang


Players in Cranbrook can experience the hustle and bustle of Puppy World again, this is the heart of Puppy World!
[Blackstone Arena] is the only place in Puppy World that allows players to freely play against each other. Here, Share Cards will be given souls. Through continuous training of skills, you will get $CP rewards and collect legendary equipment.

CranBrook is adjacent to the city center, noisy and colorful. A large number of hackers gather here. When you come to Cranbrook, you must protect your digital assets!
Cranbrook occupies [Corgi Gang] and [Chihuahua Gang], and every PVP needs to pay fees to these two gangs.

SANTO Bergues

Santo Bergues has the largest number of Puppy World and the most abundant mineral resources. Whoever owns the mineral resources can dominate the energy structure of Puppy World.

The mine in Santo Bergues is divided into three different levels according to the quality of the minerals produced. The price of each level is not the same.

Players can use $CP to purchase minerals. After purchase, they can mine by themselves or rent them to Other players share the mine. After the resources of the mine are exhausted, players can transform them into equipment factories or residences by themselves.
Santo Bergues has a large number of [Bug Gang] and [Alaska Gang], and they seem to be full of interest in all kinds of rare gems.

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