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CoPuppy V1.1.0 Update

🐶Event: CoPuppy V1.1.0
📌Major: V1.1.0 will increase $CP liquidity and enhance the vitality of CoPuppy Ecosystem
⏰Time: 19th Aug 14:00 UTC (22:00 HongKong Time)

📌What do you need to do to enter into V1.1.0?
If you have ever clicked ‘Harvest’ for 3D Share Card farm before, you will automatically enter V1.1.0 and no need for action. Hence, we believe 99.99% of 3D Share Card holders do no need to action to enter into V1.1.0.

Start from 19 Aug 14:00UTC (22:00UTC HongKong Time), 3D Share Card holders need to stake a certain amount of CP-USDT LP to unlock $CP rewards.
If you wish to unlock $100 worth of CP rewards, you need to stake $200 worth of CP-USDT LP to get to max unlock speed: 55hours. And if you could only stake $50 worth of CP-USDT LP, unlock time will be 110hours.
(Not limited to 24 hours or any specific period, unlock all accumulated rewards)

📌The staked CP-USDT LP is:
1️⃣Reusable, not one-time
2️⃣LP here is for 3D Share Card rewards unlock ONLY, can NOT receive normal CP-USDT LP farm rewards.




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