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CoPuppy X SIL.Finance

On September 13th, CoPuppy and SIL.Finance reached a strategic partnership. SIL.Finance is a single sided yield aggregator (1 click hedging) with adventurous functional NFT farming card add-ons. CoPuppy will work with SIL.Finance on NFT, GameFi, Vaults.

The CP/USDT Yield pool will open on 14 Sep 13:00 PM UTC

About SIL Finance

SIL.Finance is a single sided yield aggregator with adventurous functional #NFT farming card add-ons. It’s a decentralized automatic investment platform based on smart contracts, focusing on providing users with DeFi Financial Management services. SIL provides dual-token liquidity for variable swaps, automatic LP matching, and automatic compound interests. According to factors such as annualized rate of return, safety factor, financial management cycle, etc., it automatically selects and configures products that best suit the interests of users, making complex liquidity mining to become simple.

The SIL’s model is unique on the DeFi market, it’s single-sided functionality is solely contributed by users, the product gives all the possible choices back to the community and is way more open than yield products.


About CoPuppy

CoPuppy is a native GameFi project based on Binance Smart Chain. By introducing the ‘Puppy World’ Metaverse, CoPuppy aims to achieve a perfect balance between NFT collection value and use-value. CoPuppy has joined the MVBIII.

Previously, CoPuppy located a $1.5 million in Seed Round financing from Axia8 Ventures, Everest Ventures Group, Yield Guild Game (YGG) founder and angel investor Gabby Dizon, and Animoca Brands marketing director James.



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