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DAO-NFT Explained

Core Miner in Cooperative Mine

In order to enrich the DAO gameplay, we have recently launched the DAO-NFT function, all pledge players can cast DAO-NFT exclusive miners on the DAO interface.

The casting DAO-NFT requires that the quantity per casting cannot be less than 500 CP.

What is the difference between bounty card and DAO-NFT?

Bounty cards are purchased through USDT and can only be used in personal mines.
DAO-NFT is free of charge through DAO and can be used in cooperative mines.

How to cast DAO-NFT?

The first step is to make sure you have pledged CP tokens in DAO-30 or DAO-60.

Click the casting button and enter the number of CPs you want to cast in the NFT. Note that the amount of pledge will affect the speed of mining in the cooperative mine!

refresh page! You can see your DAO-NFT character. The expiration time of your DAO-NFT character will be displayed on it. After the character expires, you can destroy the character and take out the CP.

What is the function of DAO-NFT?

Now users can pledge CP in DAO in batches. After each pledge, the casting function will not refresh the pledge time of DAO, that is, the casting function will help users better manage the CP assets pledged each time.

DAO-30 and DAO-60 will respectively cast two different miner images, these two images can be mined in the subsequent meta-universe-cooperative mines, and earn profits!

Will it affect the income of DAO itself after casting into DAO-NFT?

The casting function will not affect the income of the DAO itself. After casting, users can still enjoy the rights of $CP and Share Card points!

About CoPuppy

CoPuppy is a native GameFi project based on Binance Smart Chain. By introducing the ‘Puppy World’ Metaverse, CoPuppy aims to achieve a perfect balance between NFT collection value and use-value. CoPuppy has joined the MVBIII.

Previously, CoPuppy located a $1.5 million in Seed Round financing from Axia8 Ventures, Everest Ventures Group, Yield Guild Game (YGG) founder and angel investor Gabby Dizon, and Animoca Brands marketing director James.



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