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Q 1, Why I can’t claim MiniNFT, nor can trade MiniNFT?
Due to bots issue, we’ve restricted the claiming and trading of MiniNFT. Please wait for further announcement.
Also, MiniNFT trade is not supported on our build-in market.

Q 2, Share card revenue calculation
Due to a large number of airdrops and partner cooperation, the team has increased the share card overall computing power.

Q 3, How to participate in 2D card game?
In order to play, you need to:
✔️ Get 2D Game cards
✔️Unlock Games cards with required $CP
(❗️After unlock, claim $CP back will BURN the card)
✔️Unlock team with $BNB(10 teams available)

Q 4, For 2D card game, how to get revenue, win or lose?
Choose a team➡form a team➡and start the battle. The system will automatically calculate the combat power and users automatically get benefits (automatic farm).
All participants can get $CP rewards.

Q 5, For 2D card game, how to calculate revenue?
Kindly refer to:

Q 6, Why can’t I find the cards in the trading market?
There is a delay in the BSC node, and it may take a while to synchronize. Wait about 30 seconds and refresh to recheck.

Q 7, Can I use multiple breeds in a team?

Q 8, What is the benefit of advanced dogs, such as purebred dogs?Advanced dogs have a relatively large bonus to the team(under the same breed)
There is a total of 10 teams, and 4 teams are available now.

Q 9, How to get gems?
Gems can only be obtained through the leaderboard currently. We will reward top users. Exact rule is to be announced.

Q 9, How much to unlock a team?
0.5 BNB/Team

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