Big Words Tend to Be Your Biggest Enemy (And Why Relying On Them Is to Polish A Turd & A Foolish Attempt At Resurrection)

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As copywriters, or biz owners who want/need to write our copy, we’re told to use big words. All the fucking time. Words that grab attention, make people feel things and blabla (yeah, “blabla” is very justified). The problem with them, is: if there’s nothing behind the words, you have nothing to say, you’re polishing a turd. There will be nothing to it, because there is nothing to it.

Go out there & bring it to text

You bring life to writing, you don’t bring writing to life.
You can try, but people who have a life or want one — which are hopefully those you aim at doing business with — will know if there’s nothing behind the words.

The smell will give you away

The more we try to “be something”, the less we are the thing. And that goes for writing. If you’re trying to sound cool, you won’t be.

…And this is great news

Because, if you do have aspirations — if you do want to truly help your people, lift them up and inspire — then you have no alibi to escape living life. Not that you should ever be looking for one. You have to go out there and become what you want to help others become. And “being” is perishable; you’ll stop being inspiring, if you stop getting inspired, cool if you stop exposing yourself to emotionally tough situations and so forth. You have to become in order to be what your people need you to be.

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Final words: Keep looking for the authenticity, empathy and daily magic out there (see it, indulge in it & reciprocate it)