CopyWriting = Good Storytelling

I have to say, one of my all time Favorite things about being a CopyWriter is that I get a chance to be a StoryTeller.

When I was a kid, I watched every movie I could.

I bought every movie I liked too!

In fact, when I moved to my new home…Vietnam🇻🇳

Vietnam = Beautiful Country

I left over 700 DVD’s sitting in my Grandma’s house in Texas.

And I own almost that many movies, in digital format too.

Stories have Always Fascinated me!

I think that's WHY I became a CopyWriter?🤔

I wrote for my college newspaper and my first job out of college was being a paid journalist.

(for The Lewisville News…in my favorite County of Texas!)🇨🇱

But it took me up until a few years ago to FIND CopyWriting.

And I’m super Pumped I did!!!

Because as I sit here, and write ✍🏻 a 8,000 word VSL (Video Sales Letter)…

…I just LOVE being able to take a Reader/Video Watcher down a very specific road = “Story

This stuff is super FUN!!!

This is the LIfe of a CopyWriter (haha!)