Good Copy Channels & Directs DESIRE

Good Copy does NOT create a “False Market” for a product or service.

“Copy cannot create desire for a product.” The CopyWriter’s singular task is “not to create mass desire — but to channel it, and direct it.”- “Breakthrough Advertising” by Eugene M. Schwartz

Good copy shows the reader, video watcher or radio listener that there’s a very specific product or service that’s the ANSWER to ALL of their Needs, Wants & Desires.


False Market Explained…

Imagine you’re lounging next a pool, on a hot Texas summers day. It’s 102 degrees.

You’re sweating…but you’re feeling relaxed, and excited about not having to do anything for the next 5 hours.

It’s the first time, this year that you’ve been able to just sit there with a cold brew in your hand and…

Noooooo…I forgot the dang beer!” suddenly flashes across your mind.

Yep, you were in such a hurry to get to the pool, and you forgot the cooler…which just so happened to be choked-full of beer and ice.

Obviously you’re feeling frustrated and pissed off that you don’t have a nice cold beer in your hand. So you quickly think through all of your “getting cold beer” options.

Driving all the way home to get your cooler is out of the question. That’s at least 1 hour of time wasted, and you only have 5 hours to relax next to the pool.

You could drive to the gas station, but that means you have to get up, get in your car…and drive somewhere. That option also sucks!

Forget it…

You put your headphones back on, and turn up the volume on the game.

You’ll figure something out, but for now you want to relax with some good ole’ Dallas Cowboys football.

Hearing the local radio sports guy give you the play-by-play updates on how the game is going, has always chilled you out.

Now that we’ve established that you’re sitting next to a pool, it’s 102 degrees…and you only have 5 hours to be there.

What you really WANT & DESIRE is a COLD Beer.

A False Market is trying to convince you, as you’re lounging next to the pool…that you NEED, Want & Desire a hot cup of coffee.

Good Copy does NOT Create Desire for a Product or Service.

For example, let’s say a local coffee shop bought some advertising time, on the same radio station that you’re listening to the game on.

Now imagine, as you’re sitting in the 102 degree heat…you hear an advertisement for “Best Hot Cup of Coffee in all of Dallas

It doesn’t matter how amazing the Copy is, for the advertisement that tries to SELL you a hot cup of coffee.

There’s NOT a market for what the coffee shop is trying to SELL you.

You Need, Want & Desire a COLD Beer…and NOT a hot cup of coffee.

You’re NOT in a Mental, Emotional or Physical state that makes you desperately WANT or NEED hot coffee.

In fact, hot coffee is probably the last beverage on your mind, while you sit poolside on a hot Texas summers day.

Good Copy Channels & Directs Desire

In this example, Good Copy would be an advertisement on the same radio station your listening to the game on…

…that talks about how “worth it” - it is to drive to the closest store and get a Cold Beer…like Right NOW!

A good CopyWriter understands the established Need, Want & Desire that the reader (listener in this case) already has.

And this same CopyWriter writes Copy that shows the reader/listener that ”XYZ product/service” is the ONE THING that will give the consumer what they Need, Want & Desire.

Good Copy Solves a Problem (for a reader/listener)

You see, if you’re sitting in 102 weather and you’re thirsty for a Cold Beer…you have a Problem.

You’re hot and thirsty, and you do NOT want to be hot and thirsty anymore.

That problem can easily be solved by you hearing a very targeted Advertisement telling you that there’s plenty of Cold XYZ Beer at your local gas station.

Hearing that advertisement, with well written Copy will most likely get you off your butt, get you in your car…and driving towards the closest gas station!

That’s what Good Copy does…

It gets the Reader/Listener/Video Watcher to TAKE ACTION!

More on this in future writings, but for now I just wanted to reiterate what one of the Greatest (if not THE Greatest) CopyWriters of all time said…

Copy cannot create desire for a product.” The CopyWriter’s singular task is “not to create mass desire — but to channel it, and direct it.”- “Breakthrough Advertising” by Eugene M. Schwartz