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The 4 types of people who comment on Facebook Ads

I’ve been writing a lot of Facebook ads recently for my clients.

And although I normally focus on email copy… it’s been really cool to be able to test out over 100 different ads with multiple clients who have each a five figure per day ad budget

Anyway, one of the ads I wrote really hit a nerve in the marketplace.

It got hundreds of likes, over 100 shares, and a ton of comments — both positive and negative. And that, to me, is a good thing.

This ad is bringing a LOT of leads into our funnel for a high ticket course we sell… and it’s been working incredibly well from what I understand. And even though there’s been some negative comments on the ad, that makes me ECSTATIC.

I have to say…

I absolutely LOVE reading these negative comments people leave on Facebook ads.

It’s one of my favorite things to do every day.

Tell you the truth… I think I’m actually addicted to it.

And the reason why it’s so much fun is because WOW… some people get sooooo pissed off when an ad shows up in their newsfeed.

Over time, I’ve noticed that there are usually four subgroups of Facebook ad commenters.

There are usually two positive subgroups and two butthurt subgroups.

If you’ve been running FB ads for a while… you’ve definitely run into these people before. And if you’re new to writing Facebook ads, here’s the kinds of people you can expect to see leaving comments on your ads VERY soon.

1) The Supportive Sally

Supportive Sally loves you.

She follows all your activity on social media. She’s very supportive of your business. And she always lets you know how much your programs, courses, products and content means to her.

Facebook ads with an emotional appeal will cause Sally to leave loving comments that make you feel great.

She’ll like your ads. She’ll leave comments. And she might even share them with her friends/followers. Sally is usually a good buyer and a loyal fan.

You always want more Sallys.

2) The Tagging Tommy

Tagging Tommy doesn’t like to talk much. But his minimalist approach to commenting actually has a HUGE impact for your business.

Every time Tommy tags his mate in a comment on your ad, that means the person he is tagging should be a HOT lead.

Otherwise, Tagging Tommy wouldn’t take the time to tell his friend about it.

You’ll know you have a great ad when a lot of Tagging Tommys start to come out of the woodwork and tag all their friends who they think would be perfect for your offer.

3) The Offended Oscar

Oscar has a hair trigger temper.

The mere sight of an ad in his newsfeed will set him off right.

Not only is Oscar offended that there is an ad showing up in his newsfeed… he’s also offended that you are actually selling something.

Oscar doesn’t grasp the concept of how business… capitalism… or reality actually work.

If you’re offering a lead magnet, he’ll warn others “THEY’RE JUST TRYING TO GET YOUR EMAIL… THIS IS BS… I’M NOT GIVING YOU SHIT!”

If you’re sending someone to a sales page or a webinar he’ll be pissed off that you’re trying to sell something.

Offended Oscar doesn’t understand that the only reasons ads exist are to persuade you to buy something. Oscar also doesn’t understand that ads cost money.

It’s amazing how all the Offended Oscars of the world can’t figure out how to simply keep thumbing their way down the page if they don’t like the ad in front of them.

The funny thing is… Oscar usually owns a business himself.

It often doesn’t make any money. And it shows in the rage he displays when he lashes out on the Facebook ads of people who are way more successful than him.

4) The Cognitive Dissonance Danny

I’ve saved the best for last.

The Cognitive Dissonance Danny’s are my favorite subgroup of Facebook ad commenters.

When Cognitive Dissonance Danny logs onto Facebook and sees an ad, something happens in his brain.

He reads the benefits in the ad and then immediately gets defensive.

He KNOWS there’s no way that could be possible. And he’ll leave a fiery explanation in comment form ‘warning others’ that your ad is clearly a scam.

He’ll tell people whatever your promising is not possible.

He might even poo-poo you because you’re just running this ad so you can make money. (Um… no shit?)

You see… what happens in Cognitive Dissonance Danny’s brain is that his eyes see one message… but his previously held thoughts and beliefs don’t align with that new information.

Chaos erupts in his brain.

And he lashes out in an attempt to soothe the confusion. He reaches for whatever explanation he can muster to try and make sense of the words or video he is seeing in front of him.

The funny thing is… there’s a very thin line between love and hate.

And sometimes… once the cognitive dissonance subsides… CD Danny might go from your sworn enemy to your biggest fan.

There’s a lesson in all of this.

I personally believe that any type of engagement, be it positive or negative is GREAT for your business. Especially on your ads.

Positive comments give you a morale boost and help spread your ad to new audiences. They also help lower your ad cost and expand your reach.

Negative comments are a great thing too though.

People who agree with the negative commenters, due to their own preconceived notions, will not click your ad… saving you a boatload of headaches in the future.

And people who LIKE you already will see these negative comments will laugh… they’ll think that person is a moron… and then they’ll click your ad anyway and get into your funnel.

At the end of the day the important thing to remember is this:

You want to make your Facebook ads as emotionally compelling as possible.

When you arouse emotions in the market place, you’re going to get a mix of good reactions and bad reactions.

You want people going wild. You never want to be lukewarm.

Never fear the negative feedback… instead… embrace the chaos of primal human emotions and use them to your advantage.



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