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High Blood Pressure is one of the most common medical conditions affecting more than one in four adults globally. While the condition may look harmless due to its large occurrence, high blood pressure is a so-called “silent killer” and, according to the WHO, responsible for 12,8% of global deaths.

Nevertheless, blood pressure therapy is still vastly based on treating symptoms through medication drugs instead of treating the causes of the condition.

We at Cora believe that it is about time to change this: we empower patients to take back control over their heart health.


Cora is a mobile app that helps blood pressure patients improve their heart health by gaining a healthier lifestyle.

Cora creates awareness and knowledge…
Cora helps patients better understand their condition by making it easy to track and self-assess the state and development of their blood pressure through charts, statistics, and straightforward explanations.

… and transforms this knowledge into action
Cora motivates its users to live healthier through proven methods of habit formation, such as weekly goals, reminders, and rewards and thus forms effective and lasting improvements to their heart health.


Blood Pressure Tracking: Tracking of all blood pressure data and medication; useful, in-depth information and analytics.

Activity Goals: Improvement of one’s heart health through weekly activity goals and tasks.

Reminders: Reminders for all blood pressure related tasks and weekly goals such as working out or taking your medication.

Apple Health Integration: Cora can collect all blood pressure related data of third parties shared via the Apple Health app.

PDF Reports: Export of all important data about one’s condition in an actionable, aggregated one pager (PDF format).

Passcode Protection: Access control using the iPhone’s or iPad’s built-in fingerprint sensor or a passcode.

More features coming soon…

Secure Cloud Backup and Sync: Backs up all data in our secure cloud environment. All data stored in our cloud can be synchronized between multiple devices.

iPad Support: not really much more to explain here...

Apple Watch App: Apple Watch companion app to stay on track with tasks and weekly goals all day long.

Business Model

Cora will soon be available as a freemium app on the Apple App Store. Premium content, marked with a star in the features section above, can be unlocked by subscribing at 2.99€ per month or 17.99€ per year.

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Melanie Hetzer, co-founder at Cora

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About Cora

Cora is a mobile health startup dedicated to helping blood pressure patients improve their heart health by gaining a healthier lifestyle. We apply scientifically proven methods of habit formation and blood pressure treatment to provide our customers actionable insight into their cardiovascular health and effective lifestyle interventions. Cora is especially designed for the needs of middle aged persons in moderate hypertension stages. For more information please visit