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What is a BMP file?

The BMP extension represents a Bitmap Image file. The file contains raster graphics data which are independent of display devices. That means a BMP image file can be viewed without a graphics adapter.

These images are generally uncompressed or compressed with a lossless compression method, i.e no reduction in image quality. The files can store two-dimensional digital images with both monochrome and color. Various Color Depths, alpha channels (transparency), color profiles and optional data compression are supported in this format.

The image format is largely used on Microsoft Windows platform and this format has full compatibility on ImagePrint.

How to open BMP pictures with ImagePrint:

  1. Launch Coragi ImagePrint
  2. Choose Insert > Image
  3. Find the image file you wish to open
  4. Select the file(s)
  5. Edit and save your file

Originally published at on June 5, 2021.



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