Attract More Guests

Getting your listing in front of more potential guests will differentiate you from your competitors

There are two things to consider when expanding the reach of your Airbnb listing and getting it in front of more potential guests: breadth and depth. You want a large breadth, meaning you want to get your listing in front of as many guests as you can, no matter who they might be. However, you also want depth; you want to figure out who your ideal guests are and target them specifically.

Some ways hosts are advertising:

  • Create listings on more than one website
  • Catering to a specific niche
  • Social media & custom website

Using Multiple Listing Sites

The easiest way to get more guests to view your listing is to post it on multiple listing sites. The only way to protect, grow, and sustain your rental business is to post on multiple listing sites. In addition to generating more bookings, you will no longer be at the mercy of any single platform, giving you peace of mind that your rental income will keep flowing. We have compiled a list of over 50 listing sites with information about their business models and popularity. We put together a collection of 52 short term rental listing sites. Get your copy of Listing Site Independence: A Cheat Sheet here.

Managing more listings on multiple sites can get tricky, so you might consider using a site like or to synchronize booking calendars and collect all of your reviews in one place.

If you want to list your space on many other sites you might consider using a service like This tool will advertise your listing in 30+ revenue channel sources so you don’t have to do the work maintaining all of these profiles.

Target a Specific Type of Guest

Specializing can also work to your advantage. Catering to a niche of guests helps you target people who are a good fit for your property. You can list your space on niche sites such as Kid & Coe (baby & family-friendly) and KinkBNB (sex-positive community) or simply set up your listing to fit the needs of business travelers on Airbnb. These Airbnb listings are verified to have the amenities and facilities to host business travelers and are shown specifically to Airbnb business travelers when they are searching for a place to stay. We have a post about targeting business travelers on Airbnb. Putting yourself in this smaller batch of listings increases your chances of getting looked at and booked. Our Listing Site Independence Cheat Sheet includes a list of Niche Listing Sites.

Social Media

Why would I put my space on social media?

Platforms like Instagram and Facebook are full of wanderlusting dreamers looking for a place to getaway for a weekend — or a week! Show them your place before they even start the search for where to go. Show them how great a stay at your place would be right now.

How do I put my space on social media?

Hosts are using to create advertisements formatted for social media. It takes 2 minutes to add your Airbnb listing URL, pick a budget, and get those ads rolling out to your social media audiences.

Many hosts are also creating social media profiles for their spaces. They take photos of guests, people enjoying the space, and the neighborhood around it using Instagram and even Twitter. There are some really cool profiles out there. One of our favorites is @urbancowboybnb on Instagram. People will share your profile (like we just did with @urbancowboybnb) to show friends where they could be staying.

Custom Websites

We’ve seen many hosts who create a custom website for their guests with links to their various listing profiles, photos, and information about the space & neighbor- hood. If you’re looking for more control than social media profiles offer, then this might be the way for you to go. There are plenty of services and tools for creating websites easily. A few examples are SquareSpace and Wix which have templates specifically made from short term rentals and BNB’s.

This is an excerpt from our original white paper series: Hands-off Hosting, which was distributed in PDF format. It has now been adapted into a series of posts on this blog which you can find here. Another white paper series we published is “Listing Site Independence, A Cheat Sheet” which has also been adapted to our blog. You can find that series here.

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