Getting Comfortable

It’s the little micro-frictions that make or break the feeling of home.

Once your guests are in your place, they may feel a bit awkward. They don’t know what to/not to touch, what they can eat, or how much. These little hesitations and interactions are what nobody talks about, but it makes your guest feel infinitely better when they really feel like the home is their own. They’re also more likely to respect your House Rules if they are also being told everything they can do, in addition to what they cannot.

Having a Coral Guide with the home and local knowledge for your guests to reference frees you up from being on-call the whole time. Also, Coral makes sure guests know everything they can use from the start, rather than finding out about your awesome coffee maker or that your kitchen is wired with hidden speakers on the last day.

Make Information Easy to Find & Digest

Important and Local sections in a sample Coral Guide.

Use your Coral Guide to inform your guests of everything within your home. The Important tab of your Guide contains Contact Information, House Rules, Safety, and Trash & Recycling information. The Amenities tab contains information about each room in your home and all the amenities that your guests can use. This is the place to provide instruction for how to use your appliances.

Important Information

The Important section will save you many headaches since your guests won’t find themselves in trouble or getting you fined for not separating recycling from regular trash. They will feel like you’re looking out for them and that you respect your home, this helps them do the same.

House Rules

The House Rules section is a great place to outline your boundaries so that there aren’t any unexpected surprises. The safety section can keep your guests out of bad areas and prepare them for what to do in an emergency.


The Amenities section helps your guests feel comfortable in your space by letting them know all the great appliances and services they can access in your home. They will no longer call you to ask where the towels are or if you’re providing a hair dryer. They can also view your amenities By Room which allows them to get information about the room itself as well as the amenities available in that space.

During a stay in Sarasota, Florida we found out that the whole house was wired with an intercom system and bluetooth speaker system. We went half our stay in this awesome house without knowing this and it changed the whole atmosphere for the rest of our stay. We also had to call our host to find out how to control the temperature of the pool and whether or not we could use the paddle boats in the canal that ran through the backyard. These were big selling points for our host’s listing and she wasn’t taking advantage of them!

This is an excerpt from our original white paper series: Hands-off Hosting, which was distributed in PDF format. It has now been adapted into a series of posts on this blog which you can find here. Another white paper series we published is “Listing Site Independence, A Cheat Sheet” which has also been adapted to our blog. You can find that series here.