Homestay & Home Exchange Listing Sites

Homestay and Home Exchange are alternative forms of hosting, but still a viable option if you are interested in opening up your door to the world!

Title: BedyCasa
Tagline: Travel differently, meet the local communities. Book to stay with locals for work, studies, or holidays.
Pricing: Host fee- 15% of the total booking, can include in listed price 
Listings: 66,000

Tagline: The world’s leading home exchange website
Pricing: No subscription/transaction fees. Verification fee is €25 
Listings: 196,000 homes in 187 countries

Tagline: Travel anywhere • Live like a local • Stay for free 
Pricing: $150 for 12 months 
Listings: 65,000 members in 150 countries

Tagline: Craigslist-style home exchange marketplace
Pricing: $64.50 for the first year 
Listings: 10,500

Tagline: Book to stay with a local in their home
Pricing: Host receives 85% of rental cost, HomeStay receives 15% 
Listings: 20,000 homestays in 150 countries

Title: Intervac
Tagline: The original home exchange service
Pricing: Full membership, starting at €70/year; first 20 days free
Listings: 1,000

Tagline: Established in 2003, IVHE-International Vacation Home Exchange, based in London is a well respected global company with an en- viable reputation for professionalism, integrity and high quality service
Pricing: $13.25/month or $159 per year — Direct Exchange Plan; $13.25/month or $159 per year — Silver Credits Plan; $31.25/month or $375 per year — Platinum Deluxe Plan
Listings: 1,400

Title: Knok
Tagline: Family-friendly home exchange network
Pricing: $29/year for New Members; Free signup and then $99 when you find your first home exchange
Listings: 120,000 child-friendly apartments

Title: Love Home Swap
Tagline: You go to theirs. They come to yours.
Pricing: Standard- €22 /month; Lite- €17 /month; Platinum- €29/month
Listings: 80,000

Title: MyTwinPlace 
Tagline: Your home anywhere you go. Stay for free in houses of local hosts in 160+ countries.
Pricing: List your house for free, book for €9.99/night 
Listings: 35,000

This is an excerpt from our original white paper series: “Listing Site Independence, A Cheat Sheet”, which was distributed in PDF format. It has now been adapted into a series of posts on this blog which you can find here. Another white paper series we published is “Hands-off Hosting” which has also been adapted to our blog. You can find that series here.