Targeting Business Travelers

As you may have heard, Airbnb released a suite of business travel services to make itself more friendly for their corporate clients. Since its release, Airbnb has had over 1,000 company signups.

That being said, how can this benefit you? As Airbnb makes itself more attractive to corporate clients, this will translate into more potential revenue for you, the savvy host.
This will not work for everyone, but to help capitalize on this opportunity, let me explain what business travelers are looking for in a listing.


Location Matters

Convenience is key to a corporate traveler, so the closer you are to business and convention centers, the better your chances of landing a recurrent corporate client.
You’re one bedroom listing that is tucked far away from the central business district, in a quiet neighborhood, will most likely not convert. Long commutes are a road-warrior’s worst nightmare. So to be attractive, you have to be relatively close to the place where business happens in your city. No guest can argue with renting a room two blocks from the conference room they need to be at for an early 8AM meeting, especially while still jet lagged.

Relevant Amenities

Business travelers will be using your rental unit like a mini-command center. A small investment can go a long way. They will need amenities such as:


  • High speed internet/Wi-Fi
  • A desk with a comfortable work chair
  • Snacks/coffee/tea
  • SUPER comfortable bed to crash in
  • Ironing board/steamer


  • External mouse and keyboard
  • Printer/scanner
  • Extra monitor

Also, these guests tend to stay a bit longer, so consider offering a mid-stay cleaning of fresh sheets and a quick wipe-down of the rental property.
Two other value-adds you can offer include dry cleaning pickup/delivery (for an additional cost) and curating a list of local eateries in your Coral Guide that DELIVER for your guest to choose from. Time is money!

Lastly, many of these guests may be returning for follow up visits, so the better first impression you make, the better chance you have at getting a re-book or word-of-mouth recommendation to their colleagues.

If you think you can meet the location and amenities requirements, here are a few quick listing tips:

  • Explicitly promote your listing as business-traveler friendly
  • List all of your business-friendly amenities
  • Include images of their potential “business command work station”

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