Big Growth Updates at Coral Protocol!

We are excited to report over 100,000 users from over 150 countries visited since we launched Refereum’s Growth Engine in the beginning of August. Our Facebook, Twitter and Telegram communities have grown exponentially as well.

On the product side, we launched our Alpha customer program and are integrating with well-known wallets, exchanges and crypto commerce companies. Overall, a super successful month of growth and accomplishment for Coral. Thank you!

Season one for Coral’s Refereum Growth Engine is ending today, September 19th. At that time Refereum will provide Coral with its season one report detailing community members and point totals. Coral has allocated a significant portion of our total tokens for our community development. Once we receive Refereum’s community report we will allocate an appropriate percentage of our community tokens to season one winners.

The Coral TDLR Video ;)

REEF tokens are designed for very specific and vital purposes in the Coral ecosystem and we are committed to having all of that in place and operational when the community tokens are released. Community tokens will be distributed at our mainnet launch. The Coral project breaks down into four distinct phases, namely Centralized Alpha which is our current status, Centralized Beta which is slated to occur in Q2 2019, Decentralized Beta, and Decentralized Production often referenced to as mainnet release, which is slated to occur in 2019 Q4 am.

Season one focused on Coral connecting with you and you connecting with Coral. Season two will begin on September 19th and will focus on continuing to grow the Coral community and giving you opportunities to actively participate in the Coral ecosystem and earn rewards. Coral promises to make crypto payments safer using predictive analytics to stop phishing, fraud and money laundering before it happens. This will give consumers confidence they are not sending funds to bad actors and give vendors confidence that they are not accepting bad funds. Over time we believe this will have a huge, positive impact towards blockchain adoption and growth.

One of the key tools we use to accomplish this goal is our Proof of Authority network. We are developing a paper on this topic, but the TLDR is that we are mapping blockchains and using Proof of Authority +nodes + machine learning + predictive analytics to determine the anonymous trust score of a given wallet address. These nodes can include smart contracts and can be run by exchanges, crypto commerce companies, financial organizations and consumers.

You will be able to join our Proof of Authority community and earn rewards through the Refereum Growth Engine. Season two quests may include actions like completing KYC, performing challenge deposits from addresses and testing our alpha products. We are happy and thankful to have you on this exciting project with us.

As always, thank you for being on Team Coral. :)