Welcome to the Reef, Matt McGraw!

Coral Protocol is thrilled to welcome Matt McGraw to our advisory board and cap table.

Matt is a serial entrepreneur with multiple exits, and is also the founder/CEO of The Bureau and Dispatch Labs. As an mentor, friend, advisor to Coral, and investor in Coral’s parent company, Indisputable Labs, Matt will be working side by side with us to remove fear and fraud from blockchain transactions. More specifically, Matt will be helping Coral with business strategy, scaling, fundraising and partnerships. Matt is a super-connector, and we will be diving deep into his extensive network.

From Matt:

Matt in his natural element #bestdad
Look, this space is filled with a lot of potential fraud — you hear about it and it’s one of the biggest reasons smarter mom and pop investors aren’t interested in the space. Coral solves for this, for any blockchain. At the same time, we have the exchanges making the most bank in the industry, and all of them need a security layer that Coral provides. It’s an easy lift to see the value here, and with a team so filled with seasoned players, it was an easy choice to invest and get stuck in advising, too. They can execute and have the perfect product market fit for the industry today.

We can’t stress enough how much we love Matt. Those that know him know he is one of the kindest, smartest and sweetest people in the world. It is our honor and pleasure to have him with us in our reef.