Core’s First Game Dev Bootcamp

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Jul 20, 2020 · 4 min read

This past summer, Manticore Games hosted the first Core Game Dev Bootcamp. This online four-week program included daily workshops, guided projects, and 1:1 mentorship from our industry veterans for anyone to learn professional game development skills.

From the beginning, our mission at Manticore has been to empower a new generation of game creators. That’s why we hosted the Core Game Dev Bootcamp completely free and made applications open to anyone around the world. The only criteria? An interest in making games.

Core Game Dev Bootcamp 2020 — Alumni

From the 150 applicants from over 30 countries, 13 were selected for the program. The Campers came from all walks of life, but for two hours a day, everyone dedicated time to self improvement and honing their game dev skills.

“This is a game changer. It gives you a real taste of what it’s like to build a game from scratch with a team and learn in depth industry level techniques while you’re at it.” — Luminarou, CGDB Alumni

We designed the curriculum to expose everyone to all parts of the game development pipeline. Each day covered a new discipline, with expert-led workshops ranging from coding to community management. Favorites included “The (Fun)damentals of Game Design”, “Keep Your Players Coming Back: Player Retention 101”, and “Building Your Own Gaming Community.”

Ultimately, the Core Game Dev Bootcamp culminated in final projects, which were presented to the full Manticore team. After pitching their game ideas and choosing the top two, the campers broke into teams. They had ten days to bring the games to life.

Progression of CGDB Final Project: “Dust Souls”
Progression of CGDB Final Project: “Guess a Sketch

Games usually take months to develop and polish, often with huge teams and resource investment. What we experienced was different. One day, a level would just be a whitebox design. The next, a well-lit greenhouse with pickups, audio, and visual effects! We were in awe as both teams flourished, delivering playable MVP prototypes in just three days. The team chat channels would pop with notifications throughout the day with everyone engaging in excited conversation. People would screen share their development as they quickly iterated and collaborated in Core. It was amazing to see the Campers learn from one another and help each other debug.

By the end of a week, both teams astounded us with their progress and the quality of their games. You can play both final projects for yourself here: Dust Souls, a huge puzzle adventure in a tiny magical world, and Guess a Sketch, a social drawing game with tons of cute and cool canvas themes.

“The bootcamp was an amazing experience that has honestly been life changing. I really didn’t think it was possible for me to break into the games industry and shift my career, but now with the experience of the bootcamp I have some credible experience under my belt. This opportunity has opened so many doors and I am so grateful!” — Ooccoo, CGDB Alumni

We are very proud of the first Core Game Dev Bootcamp Alumni, and we can’t wait to see what they create in the future. They are all immensely talented and hardworking, and as such, all thirteen creators have been invited to the $1 Million Creator Payouts Pilot Program. It is our hope that game development becomes more accessible for everyone to make high quality games while sustaining a livelihood!

Final Class Picture of CGDB Alumni, 2020

“I really believe this education format could replace online schooling all together if it were continued. I would love to come back for a bootcamp V2.” — Drogan, CGDB Alumni

One of our ambitious goals in the creation of Core was to redefine who could be a game creator. We at Manticore believe that game development can be accessible to anyone. The Core Game Dev Bootcamp proved that anyone who has the interest is capable of creating high-quality games.

“What an amazing way to immerse yourself into the game dev world! Worth every minute! Wish it didn’t end.” — Aggripina, CGDB Alumni

With the success of the first Core Game Dev Bootcamp, we are happy to say we are already planning the next one. We will be announcing details during our Core AMA on July 22. Get a head start by downloading Core today and checking out the Campers’ final projects!

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