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Announcing coreDEX

The CORE team has been working on building an ecosystem that distances itself from the unsustainable trends in DeFi and clearly draws a path of innovation. COREVault launched September 2020, introducing deflationary farming to the public, a new concept that was foreign to this sector. The team wanted to emphasize that taking the risk, to do something different, is necessary to push this space forward. Our first Liquidity Generation Event caught everyone by surprise and resulted in one of DeFi’s fairest distributions. Three months later, our community is standing strong with a total of three liquidity pools. CORE has raised roughly $60,000,000 in locked liquidity.

Early in the planning of CORE and its ecosystem we realized that liquidity is a powerful force which makes or breaks a system. The entire DeFi space has been using liquidity in a traditional way, by allowing liquidity providers to add and remove their assets on demand. COREVault changed this by creating locked liquidity, which is an efficient way to obtain strong market certainty and create a long term foundation for our ecosystem.


DeFi today has room for efficiency improvements. Most financial tools are fragmented, forcing users to utilize a variety of services across different providers, with liquidity rapidly migrating between different offerings. coreDEX brings this ecosystem together. coreDEX utilized our existing permanently-locked liquidity to increase efficiency and offer an intuitive user experience for swaps, loans, options trading, and LP Futures.

In addition to providing permanently locked liquidity, the coreDEX will use a new type of liquidity provision known as OVL (open vesting liquidity) that offers temporarily locked liquidity for those who want to participate in coreDEX without purchasing CORE LP directly.

coreDEX Alpha

coreDEX will be made available for alpha testers over the course of Q1 2021. Initially we will make the DEX available to users with the top 100 holdings in LP and/or CORE, and slowly roll the DEX out to the general public as testing and feedback cycles permit.

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