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coreDAO: Building DAO Reserves

Currently buybacks of CORE and coreDAO tokens can be observed on-chain. The goal of these purchases is to build a DAO reserve of both ecosystem tokens, in order to give out yield rewards for future actions that the DAO wants to reward.

Stable Yield and Targeted Incentives

Building a treasury is incredibly important for the overall growth of a DAO, especially for new product launches. Without the ability to give out rewards in form of yield, the DAO will have problems attracting new users and liquidity. CORE and coreDAO tokens from the treasury will allow governance to create stable yield incentives. These rewards can help attract necessary liquidity during product launches, or promote deeper liquidity around the coreDAO token and ecosystem.

The exact amount of CORE and coreDAO that is planned to be purchased will not be disclosed, to minimize the risk of front running.

Overall the ability to create specific yield incentives will help future product launches obtain the necessary liquidity to gain traction. Governance will have the ability to deploy these yields from the DAO treasury.

💬 Join Us!

The community has built a forum to provide everyone with the ideal infrastructure to engage in productive and focused discussions regarding governance of coreDAO.



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