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coreDAO LP Voucher Migration

coreDAO tokens have been deployed

Migration to the new token has launched, you can follow the guide below to complete your migration and receive the new coreDAO tokens.

Migrate your coreDAO LP Vouchers in 4 simple steps:

  1. Unstake all LP
  2. Go to Migration (New) tab
  3. Approve LP1, LP2, LP3
  4. Migration to CoreDAO

1. Unstake LP

To migrate your coreDAO LP Vouchers you have to unstake them from the vault on http://corefinance.eth and hold them in your wallet.

2. Migration page

Once you unstaked your LP vouchers, navigate to the new “Migration” tab found in the Wallet.eth window on our website, corefinance.eth.

Approve each LP for migration.

After you approved your LP, a “Migrate LP -> CoreDAO” button will appear.

Confirm the migration and wait for the transaction to be approved.

A window will pop up displaying the amount of coreDAO tokens that you received from the migration.

For your wallet to track your coreDAO you can add following ERC20 address:

You have successfully migrated your vouchers to coreDAO tokens!




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