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FANNY: Limited-Edition Merchandise Token

CORE owes its initial success to its early supporters who provided the first liquidity and made this project possible. The continued support of our community helped us grow rapidly. To celebrate this, we decided to create limited-edition merchandise with a twist.

Dynamically Priced Merchandise Token

FANNY is a different approach of distributing and pricing merchandise. We let the community determine the price of our limited-edition merchandise by creating an ERC-20 token which can be redeemed for a real-world exclusive CORE Fanny Pack and putting it in a Liquidity pool, together with CORE. Each buy and sell of FANNY influences the price, making it truly a community priced merchandise token. In addition to trading, 100 FANNY tokens will be farmable for 200,000 Blocks (~30 Days) after launch, by staking CORE in the FANNY Vault. These rewards will be distributed equally among all staked CORE. Contributors of the first LGE which allocated at least 30 Ethereum, will receive their complimentary $FANNY Token as an airdrop.

Limited Supply

Only 300 CORE Fanny Packs will ever exist, they are limited and will never be produced again. Each merchandise is linked to a FANNY token which can be redeemed on our site or swapped in the dedicated FANNY/CORE Uniswap pool.

Token Distribution

A total of 300 FANNY tokens will be minted, each representing one real life limited-edition Fanny Pack. 25 Fanny tokens will be airdropped to selected contributors and early supporters of the ecosystem. 100 FANNY tokens can be mined for 30 days (200,000 Blocks) after launch, by staking CORE on our platform, in the FANNY Vault. The remaining 175 FANNY tokens will be deposited into a Uniswap liquidity pool together with CORE. The price of the merchandise is dictated by supply and demand of the pool. You can redeem your FANNY token on our website and have a limited-edition CORE Fanny Pack shipped to you. This will burn the token, forever removing it from the total supply. FANNY tokens do not have a Fee On Transfer and are only tradable on our pool for CORE. All other pools will be blocked.

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