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Grand Opening of the FannyVault

FANNY, our dynamically priced merchandise token, creates new possibilities for CORE. For the next 30 days (200,000 Blocks), users can stake CORE in the FANNY Vault and receive staking rewards paid in FANNY.

CORE Multipliers 🧮

A total of 100 FANNY tokens are farmable for the next 30 days by staking CORE in the Fanny Vault.
Users can increase their yield, by choosing to lock up CORE for a specific period or burn CORE for an extra 25x Multiplier. Each month of locking up your token, will add towards your Multiplier. Starting at 1x for no lock-ups and 12x for locking up your CORE token for 12 months. If you choose to use the 25x Multiplier your CORE will be burned (locked away forever).

Each additional month will add to your multiplier (max. 12 months)


User A holds 5 CORE tokens, they belong to his long term portfolio. He plans to hold them for more than 1 year. Instead of keeping them in his wallet, he decides to stake 5 CORE tokens and select the 12x Multiplier in the Fanny Vault. User A’s 5 CORE will receive a 12x Multiplier equallying to staking 60 CORE. His 5 CORE are locked for 12 months.

User B decides to burn 1 CORE in the Fanny Vault. For the next 30 days, he will receive staking rewards equal to staking 25 CORE.

NFT Award 🏆

All CORE which are burned to unlock the 25x Multiplier will be transferred to another contract, where they are locked (unusable) forever. The contract has been turned into an NFT and will be awarded to the number one contributor of our Final Liquidity Generation Event. Owner of this NFT will have the ability to start a dollar auction for it.

Fanny Trading Interface 🖥️

All trading is done on, our trading interface allows you to buy, sell or redeem FANNY tokens. Options for staking / unstaking CORE as well as claiming FANNY Staking Rewards will be available on the site. FANNY can only be traded on the CORE/FANNY pool. For your convenience, the interface allows its users to use CORE or Ethereum. In the case of using ETH, it will be automatically converted to CORE.

Redemption of FANNY tokens 🎒

You can redeem your FANNY token on our website. After redemption, you will be prompted to fill out the Shipping Form.
International Shipping is included with the redemption of a FANNY token.

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