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Initializing coreDAO…

We are excited to announce the completion of coreDAO and its lending platform cLEND. The journey towards complete decentralization and censorship resistance starts now.

Changes to

Our website infrastructure has been moved from the centralized web to the decentralized one. From now on all CORE products, including our website will live in the Metaverse. To access our decentralized site use an IPFS compatible browser such as Brave and navigate to https://corevault.eth.

What is a decentralized website?

A decentralized website becomes censorship-resistant by hosting the website on a distributed file storage network like IPFS and using the Ethereum Name Service, a decentralized Ethereum-based naming system for the name to access it.

How do I access a decentralized website?

Several browsers have native support for ENS+IPFS websites. Using one of these browsers allows you to simply type “corevault.eth” into the URL bar and the browser directs you to our website, without the need of special extensions.

IPFS+ENS compatible browsers:

Native ENS+IPFS support in MetaMask Mobile. Source:

How to make your browser web3 compatible

The following browsers become web 3 compatible by installing the MetaMask browser extension:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Edge
  • Tor Browser

Once you installed MetaMask, your browser will be able to access decentralized websites. Simply enter https://corevault.eth

If you do not have access to any of the above mentioned solutions, you can use a less decentralized path to access these websites. Append “.LINK” or “.LIMO” to the end of the .ETH name. Be cautious, these centralized solutions are less secure and there is a risk of a MITM attack.

Preparing the Launch of coreDAO

Before coreDAO is launched, a 7 day review period will be initiated starting today. The aim of this review phase is to allow the community and peers to review the code including our new site setup and give everyone enough time to prepare for the launch.

Burning CORE

Before coreDAO can launch 8,300 CORE will be burned from the deployer wallet. The burn will happen every day for the next 7 days up to the CORE Lending Protocol Launch.

🔥 Watch coreburn.exe burn 1,185 CORE per day from our website.

We are excited to enter the final stage before launching coreDAO, cLEND and our governance.

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