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Portrait of a Philosopher (Artist's brother, Pavel Sergeyevich Popov), by Lyubov Popova (1915) [from Wikiart]
  • Your work must be original. It does not matter if it was already published outside a publication or on another website, as long as you are the original author.
  • We do not accept any form of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc. This is not a place for ignorant hatred and hate speech. In fact, if you sympathize with any of these, get out!
  • We do not support NFT, Crypto, and related. And none of these misuses of technology that are harmful to the planet and to our society.
  • Your work is still yours. You can do anything you want, and we do not claim any authorship over it. Your work will not be used anywhere without your consent.
  • Your paywall and incomes are yours. We also do not hold any of the payments you make from your work on Medium. It is entirely yours. It is also your choice if you want your work to be under Medium's paywall or not. We do not enforce any of that.
  • You can ask for editing help. We do not often edit your text beyond basic grammar checks and references, but you can ask for more help if you have difficulty nailing a title or other aspects of your work.
  • We help to share your work on all platforms we can. As new articles are published at the Cores of Game Design, we will use all our social media to share them. We do not ask you to do the same, but you are more than welcome to do it.



Cores of Game Design is a publication focused on high-quality content for learning, improving, and enhancing your Game Design and Development knowledge.

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Yvens Serpa

I'm a Brazilian teacher currently working at Saxion University (Enschede, NL) for CMGT. I write every day for education, programming, and as a hobby. [@yvensre]