Python ❤ coreVM = Pyegasus

Python ❤ coreVM = Pyegasus

Project Pyta, an implementation of the Python programming language powered by the coreVM runtime, has been living inside the coreVM repo early since the inception of the project’s birth. There was a strong need to validate and benchmark the performance and features of the language runtime, so Python was chosen as a reference language to be re-implemented using coreVM.

As time goes on, Project Pyta’s support for the Python language’s features has grown, and it continues to evolve alongside coreVM. The two projects complement each other really well, and that will continue to be the case. However, the downside of having Project Pyta living inside the coreVM repo is that it limits the amount of exposure it has to the outside world, consequently limits the number of opportunities for experimentation on the project.

Today, a new project has been created to mirror the development of Project Pyta, and it is named Pyegasus. Pyegasus will continue to be the custom implementation of the Python language, using the latest features of coreVM. By placing the project into its own repository, it opens up more opportunities for ideas and experiments.

Pyegasus logo

The goal is to have Pyegasus act as a pivotal force to keep pushing the limits of coreVM as demands of new language features and optimizations come up as time goes on. I look forward to see many innovative ideas implemented in both projects.

In the meantime, check out the project’s GitHub page.

P.S. Wish everybody happy hacking :-)

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