Says more than a million words.

I just have one question for people who can so easily ignore the plight of refugees who are in search of a safe place to live. Where is your empathy?

Okay I lied, I have a few more.

What if it was your family that had to be suddenly uprooted?

How can this be the “land of the free” when its leader has explicitly discriminated against a group of people because of the religion they have the Constitutional right to practice?

What if this boy in the video was your child?

What if your family was living in Aleppo, Syria and were just innocent bystanders caught up in a civil war instigated by nefarious government leaders?

With the recent ban passed by the acting president on anyone coming in from 7 countries in the Middle East, Americans from both political parties and people around the world are outraged. Aptly titled the Muslim Ban by many Americans, the executive order passed by Trump (aka Bannon’s puppet) is an attack on people of color that can not be justified.

Most people who would disagree with this statement would argue that the Executive Branch is just trying to keep America “safe from terror”. They would also most likely prefer to save an embryo instead of offer a Syrian child a chance to live or help a struggling mother take care of a child they forced her to have…

I’ll get back to the point though, my apologies.

According to NPR Correspondent Carrie Johnson, the 7 majority Muslim countries ( Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya and Somalia) that Trump banned visitors from for 90 days have not made an attack on U.S. soil in 20 years. Which goes to show that clearly there are other motives for why Trump and his administration have made this decision. The more interesting discovery made by NPR however is the article written by Peter Overby and Jim Zarroli concerning the fact that Trump does not do business with any of the 7 countries chosen. He has significant business interests in places like Turkey, Indonesia, Dubai, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia (places that were not chosen). Saudi Arabia, however, is one of the countries that has in fact made an attack on U.S. soil in the past 20 years.

Alternative Fact: This is a coincidence.

Real Fact: It’s not.

It makes sense that a selfish egotistic bully like Trump would be okay with enforcing this policy, but what doesn’t make sense is the people who voted for him getting behind this and supporting such ignorance. Seeing people turn their backs on people that are suffering throughout the world causes me to lose faith in the idea of bridging the gap between both sides. If this is the beginning of “making America great” then it seems that the true intentions of the Trump party have been revealed. To Make White America Great Again.