Hi everyone! Hows your workout is going? I wish all you go well. Today’s topic is dehydration. The definition of dehydration is the phenomenon that the water contained in the body falls out. Unlike storing fat, the body does not have any means of retaining excess water, so I want to talk about how water is important. The physiological function of the body is always influenced by water. Therefore our body must withstand and manage the depleted time of water. Controlling depletion does not mean that somatic cells are free of water dependence. It means that only some parts of the body that are not used frequently and that are of low importance are assigned enough water to survive.

From 18 to 25 years of age, this is the period that the height and the physique are completed, and the water intake is controlled by the thirst sensation and the response to that sensation. Unfortunately, unlike what we understand today, thirst is not really an accurate sign that demands water. If you do not feel thirsty, you will not drink water for a while. You will wait until this thirsty time and then think about drink water. All the problems that deteriorate the health come from this attitude of taking in water and are nothing but a fix. By the time the body expresses thirst by appealing to the sensation of thirst, there is a lack of water in the body for two or three glasses. But maybe you only drink one, and you can just leave two more glasses of water that you need. Unfortunately, this attitude of managing water deficiency becomes larger as the age gets older.

What is chronic dehydration? Imagine being freshly picked from the trees and being shot in the sun or the wind. The fresh plum will turn into dried plum. Due to dehydration, it becomes the same as the crumbled flesh and wrinkled skin, which is typical of dried fruit. Whether fruit dehydration or human beatings, the loss of moisture causes changes in the internal and external structure of all living organisms. There are 100 trillion cells in the human body. Cells in areas where dehydration is almost established begin to wrinkle, and their internal function is also shaped. When water is scarce in any area, a variety of signals react to show dehydration and indicate a local or general thirst in the body.

What is the dehydration effects?

First, You will feel tired without any special reason. Suddenly, the blush feeling comes in. This is because the blood vessels expand due to lack of water. Next, I feel annoyed and frustrated because it causes the brain not to be involved in consuming energy due to lack of water. Next, I feel annoyed and frustrated because it causes the brain not to be involved in consuming energy due to lack of water.In addition, the reason for the deterioration of health due to the lack of water is the desire for coffee, tea, carbonated drinks, alcohol, Therefore, drink water a lot. This will not be saved in your body, so you should refill your body frequently.

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