Do alone

Hi everyone. Today I want to discuss little thing about exercise. The issue is “Would it better to exercise alone, or should we do it together?” Recently, I become little lazy and bad condition, so I can’t do that much workout. However, when I was used to go gym almost daily, many people asked me workout together. That was sounds great. I could get and give sparring with partner, and share some information. It was true. I could get help. Workout together makes me increased weight and cycles because my friend was backing me up and I could do one or two more. Another advantage was that when I exercise alone, I can’t tell if my posture is correct or not, but if I was with someone, friend could check my movements. These were benefits from my experience. On the other hand, most of my friends wanted to do workout with me because they wanted to learn to start exercising. More importantly, it was because they were not used to exercising on their own. They said that when they exercised together, they could go gym more often because they felt to make a promise. OK. This sounds like workout together is more beneficial. There is no doubt about benefit if this goes well with its original plan. There are lots exception in the real world. Let’s say you have a buddy for exercise. One day your buddy says “I am sick today and I won’t go to the gym.” This is not a rare situation, and can be happened with high chances. Guess next situation. If you are used to go gym alone or have strong willing about workout, then you will go to the gym, and this is rare case. Most of my and friend experience prove that they won’t go to gym because that magical words “not in mood today” ruin others’ mood either. What if this situation is happened alternatively? This becomes not only one’s problem. Both lose their workout habit. As I mentioned before post, the workout should be continuous. If it is not continuous, then it is labor instead of exercise. I have experienced lots of my friends stop their workout because of this problem. Another problem is hard to match schedule. At the beginning, all of them are motivated to start the exercise together with the schedule, but if something else happens, they will fall out. I recommend them to go gym alone, and most them tell me they are not used or ready to do alone. This becomes same result as not in mood day. There are lots of benefit exercise together, but if you lose your habit, then you lose all. Therefore you should do workout alone. It gives you flexible time schedule. Even if you are not in the mood, you can go to exercise and spend way less time than normal. This is better to lose all your exercise habit because your body will remember your process and try to make your body better. This is all my today post bye.

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