Groceries in Retrospect

Today I went grocery shopping and I decided to observe the prices on certain items. In the produce section, I noticed that organic spinach bundles were $2.99 each whereas the non organic spinach was 99 cents a bundle. A gallon of non organic skim milk was $2.69 and its organic counterpart was about five dollars per for a half gallon. Moving on to the meat section, the antibiotic, natural, free range chicken was about five dollars per pound and the regular Ralph’s brand came in at $1.67 per pound. You get the idea right? Organic food is more expensive in all areas and thinking about health concerns, there is a reason for that. I ended up spending a bit over 100 dollars on that grocery trip to feed myself for about 2 weeks. My food budget being 60 dollars a week, the amount of groceries I bought just about fit that, but there would be no way that I could pay for organic food. The values per item increase by small amounts but in the end it obviously adds up.

After conducting an informal survey of some of my friends and roommates, most college students do not care about the food being organic or not. My case is the same, but what I did not ask is how educated they were on the differences between organic and non-organic foods. Being young and foolish, right now I am not looking into the long term, but taking the examples from above, there could be pesticides on the spinach that I bought and the antibiotics in chicken may have long term complications on my health. The milk that is used is probably contained growth hormones and certain studies show that those transfer over to humans. Pretty much, college students are not prioritizing their health when making decisions in general. Why should they when the amount of smoke and alcohol that is being inhaled makes it almost seem negligible.

I lay in bed thinking about the choices that I have made up to this point. I go to the gym quite often, but my goal is not to get healthier. How could I possibly choose food, a means to an end in my gym “career”, that would be healthy for me when I do not go to the gym to be healthy. People prioritize different things when they are young, and that is completely fine. Personally, food is an extremely important part of my life. I would prioritize the taste, but whether or not organic ingredients actually make my cooking taste better, I would have to test at a later date. As of now, with the funds that I have, I will stick to cheaper foods so I can use my money on other things even knowing that it will be detrimental to my health. In 30 years, I can look back and hate myself, but as of right now, I won’t worry about it.

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