Intro Revisions

Wooin originally used the form of anecdote as an introduction in his Hello World post which worked really well for his opening post because it allowed the readers an ‘in’ in understanding the author’s background and relationship to the topic.

Alternate Intro 1: [quotations]

Today’s society is heavily influenced by the celebrity population and sometimes it can be for the best. The famous singer/songwriter, Usher, said, “If you take care of your body, it’ll take care of you. The benefit obviously is that I’m protecting my body from being harmed. I did my best to prepare and condition my body over time. If I didn’t do this, I’d look a mess because of the lifestyle I live. I mean, the moment you go off [your fitness and eating plan], you notice the difference. You move slower.”

Alternate Intro 2: [definition]

Diet in its definition and as we know it is considered to be, “a special course of food to which one restricts oneself, either to lose weight or for medical reasons” (Google Definitions). Diet has been practiced through the ages….