Is Perfection possible?

I scroll through my Instagram and I see post after post of my twiggy friends posing in swimsuits on the beach.

It’s literally like everyone called each other up to take the same exact goddamn picture. So much for originality today, amiright?! Yeesh!

Now, they all look stunning. Their hair flows perfectly in the ‘wind’ (if there even was wind because it seems everything is manufactured these days), their skin looks to be perfectly tanned, and their bodies itty bitty.

Here’s the issue.

I know a lot of these people firsthand. A lot of them are beautiful and ‘itty bitty’ in person. But these pictures that they are posting are like wayyyy too edited. Edited to make them look ‘perfect’ which does not exist. The reason this slightly eats at me is because:

  1. my guy friends will want to really meet some of them, then i will set it up, only to realize that they aren’t getting exactly what was in the picture. Making them treat my friend differently. (this is a whole nother issue I can get into another time….women are not objects, BOYS…Men would never do that…)
  2. most importantly, other girls see those pictures and think “what’s wrong with me?” “Why don’t I look like that?” And so eating disorders commence, plastic surgery all of a sudden becomes ok for a 19-year-old girl, ans so on.

We need to stop manufacturing ourselves to look a certain type of way through editing and other falsities. We were all given something beautiful about us and the more we show the real us, the more we can promote a healthier world to grow up in.

That’s just my two cents. What do you think?