Wall-E was Right!

From Toy Story to Finding Nemo, Pixar has always nuzzled it’s way into our hearts. Those geniuses know exactly how to pull on the heart strings. One movie has always stood out to me, though, leaving me with more reflection than most and that is Wall-E. Wall-E came out and it was a hit, but lets look deeper and see what this hit subliminally taught us.

We see a ‘progressed’ human society inhabiting a manufactured structure that roams through space with the human population aboard. These people find that with this advanced technological feat, the sources of entertainment for humans has evolved to match it’s surrounding state. People look to their iPads and projections from their tiny screens and they get everything they want/think they need at the touch of a button. How wonderful!

Well that is all fine and dandy until we come to reality and realize that these ‘advanced’ people never actually have human face-to-face communication resulting in an uneventful and lagging lifestyle. Not to mention their physical health goes to complete dog caca because their lack of doing any activities first hand….things involving more than just a few thumb taps.

But why am I being dramatic and saying that this is a reflection of our society? Well, let’s take a gander over some of these observations…facts should I say.

Transportation. Dial 7 digits and call a cab. Walk 15 feet, get in cab, get out of cab. You are there. Call an uber. Get in uber. Repeat step 3.

Food. You’re hungry. Open Postmates. GrubHub. Tapingo. uberEATS. Choose WHATEVER food your fat little self wants (I do this multiple times a week, no complaints whatsoever). Order it. It’s there in an hour, while you sit in bed and watch Netflix.

Entertainment. Netflix. Hulu. Xfinity. HBO. Endless sources online to watch drama and comedy. Video games. Online or XBOX, etc. Play that game.

Our world has transitioned to this new age where that tiny screen we carry around all day holds so much of our dependency to survive. Without it? GOOD LUCK!

All I am saying is that if you want to spend all day inside, all week inside, 100 years inside, then you now have that capability. You are the one who has to motivate yourself to do something as simple as go outside and be active/do something for/ experience something from the real world. So just be aware of how many days you’re spending as a hermit because it’s addicting and a very easy lifestyle to get used to.

Go for that run! Eat that cake from the bakery down the street. Have fun at that party with your friends. You have one life, live it!