Which Side Should You Take

I know everybody is using the internet but more recently, I have become skeptical about the information that I get off the internet. I was always told that I should take everything I read on the internet with a grain of salt, and I did. In light of recent events regarding the president, I guess I became even more aware. What used to be a minor bias across different news stations has now become black and white. Then I realized something about my own research. I am also biased. The websites that I look at to get my information about GMO have all generally been pro GMO because I hear what I want to hear. Opposing views obviously exist, but I never went out of my way to look for them until now. When I was looking for current events on the topic, the first search I made was GMO news and came upon a website called gmo.news. Seems legit right? Nope; not only is the website biased, it has some questionable articles too. I’m not saying this to discredit articles that bash GMO’s but the titles were obviously biased. “National Intelligence Council Report Warns That Genetic Engineering Poses Unprecedented Threat To The World” as well some articles talking about a human pig chimera lead me to believe that the website just uses extreme catchy titles to clickbait views.

Image from http://growtraffic.com/blog/2015/01/6-examples-clickbait-learn

Huffington post on the other hand has articles with more neutral viewpoints. The negative articles have classy titles that attract you without the clickbaity title. Anyways, my main point here is just to show media can affect the population’s view on certain issues. A large minority of about 40% of responders to a survey thought GMO’s would have a negative effect on health whereas 55% of them thought that organic foods have a positive effect. In the same survey, people were asked about skepticism about the news. 72 percent of the people said that they knew about contradictory ideas in the news, but it did not matter since they felt they knew the core ideas of healthy eating. But then again, knowing the ideas and actually implementing them are different.The poll for organic food was not even good or bad as bad was out of the question. It was good or no effect. Again, I’m not saying that GMO’s have no bad effects, but because a vast number of people think that GMO’s will have negative effects, it just goes to show how much media matters.

As for me, I still hold my stance of being pro GMO. The best option is to make an educated guess based on the information given and with my limited knowledge in biology, I’m going to guess that they aren’t going to be that bad. If anything, people can tell if something is harmful or not and if genetically modified food goes through the same rigorous process that drugs do and have the same regulations, then there should be no problem. If there isn’t something obviously harmful, I doubt that splicing DNA would cause a sudden change, but who knows. Research will give us an answer for that.