Corilla in semi-finals of All Things Open pitch competition

All Things Open has quickly become one of the most exciting open source conferences on the calendar. And we’re excited to announce that Corilla has been selected as a semi-finalist in the All Things Open startup pitch competition.

This means that we will be flying into Raleigh once more, and hitting the stage this Monday the 23rd of October 2017 as one of the five startups selected to pitch.

From the perspective of startups embracing open source as part of their mission this is an incredible opportunity to share a deeper insight into our business. This feels like a natural progression from last year where I spoke at All Things Open 2016 on the topic of open source startups — as well as some Q&A around our founding narrative.

While this has been a successful year for us, this has been the year of early stage startup grind, and I’m excited to be able to share that with community. Especially as that community also includes some of our former colleagues and so much of the open source community that has inspired us over a year that has alternated between challenging and exciting.

All Things… acquired

What’s interesting as an aside to the first year is that a company called Codenvy participated and pitched. In the last twelve months, Red Hat has acquired Codenvy as part of it’s focus on developer experiences in the cloud. I had a chance to meet Codenvy founder and CEO Tyler Jewell recently in San Francisco, and was intrigued by his journey. Especially sitting across both the Silicon Valley and open source ecosystems.

While this isn’t the norm for such events, it does put into context the potential value of participation for those working within the ecosystem.

Back in the red

This will also be an exciting return to Raleigh for me personally — the headquarters of Red Hat. While Corilla’s spinout from the company was independent, it’s been well documented how much of the culture we represent. And we’ll be announcing soon our commitment to community with some projects we’re backing with more than a few familiar faces from the Red Hat family. It’s the open source way, after all.

Here’s a backstory summary for those catching up on the story so far:

It definitely feels like a chance to “come home” and show what we’ve been working on, invite the community to join us in this next phase of our open source journey.

If you’re attending All Things Open this year please drop me a line. I’d love to catch up. And of course, wish us luck. Some of the tea is even flying in from Brisbane, where we are currently participating in the Hot DesQ program.

We’re hoping the excitement balances out the jet-lag, but feel free to push a pumpkin space latte our way if we look a little in need of one!