Shipping the Corilla knowledge base into beta

Like all of the best parts of Corilla it began with someone like you. The first versions of Corilla solved the problem of team collaboration while writing technical content. We were the front end solution that added a bit of secret sauce with dynamic collections.

But you asked for more.

So we shared our vision of bundling the workflow of a technical writer into a seamless and end-to-end experience. What we call the “1–2–3” around the office is our committment to equally advancing the writing, management and publishing experience.

Corilla made it easy to write topics, bundle them together on the fly and publish to a fully hosted documentation suite in a handful of clicks. High fives all around 🙏 Nailed it.

But then you asked for a full knowledge base.

Keeping with our culture of full transparency we struggled at first with the idea of a knowledge base. There’s just so many of them out there. But practicing community driven development, we had no choice but to explore why this was such a frequent request. We learned that most are okay, but the few that are great are isolated products, and those that are bundled into ticketing systems or customer support software are after thoughts.

If you’ve been following our public roadmap you can see that we’re working on a pretty awesome import and export module. Something that enables Corilla to extend its role as a staging ground for single source publishing across multiple channels and outputs. We realised that the knowledge base could be an excellent proof of concept built atop this new architecture — something our engineering leads will be posting about in depth in coming weeks.

But for now I can say… we get you. It’s all about the workflow.

Over the last few months we’ve been working increasingly closer with our most active users. Many of which have been with us from the very start. As we shipped and shipped our updates feedback loops with this early release community, we began to get requests from their colleagues — from other teams wanting in. So rather than entertain the startup theatrics of releases, we’re just shipping it. And you’re now invited to join with us as we continually refine our collective writing workflow.

There’s nothing special you need to do. No new signups. No secret code words or handshakes. Just log in to your account and start using the Corilla knowledge base beta today. If you’ve got feedback, drop me an email and we’ll get right on it.