How To Effectively Use Social Proof To Validate Your Business

Sep 19, 2019 · 4 min read
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Successfully validating your business, new products, services and/or features requires a varied approach. There are countless tools you might use as part of your overall strategy — traditional ads, social media, SEO… But if you neglect the most important tool of all, your efforts won’t be nearly as effective as they could be. To become a world-class business and gain the trust of your customers, you have to prioritize Social Proof.

Social proof is one of the simplest, most cost-effective, and crucial ways to validate your business. Even after you’ve attained initial traction, as you roll out new products, services, features or pivot in entirely different directions, social proof is the constant that sets you up for success in each instance. According to Nielsen, 83% of people trust the recommendations of friends and family, while BrightLocal found 85% of respondents trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

Social proof provides a platform to speak to people that are unfamiliar with your business by them with previous customer experience. From there, you can build strong trust with your product/service, team, and brand. People’s behaviours are influenced by the actions of others; knowing this, you can implement the following tactics that capitalize on Social Proof:

1. Partner With Industry Influencers

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The Halo Effect can also have a negative effect depending on who you recruit. Invitations to industry experts are win-win situations for everyone involved as long as the benefit is mutual. So be mindful about who you want representing your company.

2. Utilize The Power Of Storytelling

An ideal example is having a high quality, brief video of a customer’s experience on your company’s front page. The video should provide a background of the customer and the problem they were dealing with before they had the product/service you offer. Then it’s explained how your product/service solved this problem for the customer and how it may have impacted their lives in a greater way. The whole idea is to trigger a strong emotional connection with potential customers.

3. Target The Right Customer Base

When you see someone who looks like you, sounds like you or even has your own name endorsing a product or service, you’re more likely to view it as something that would be good for you, too.

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Therefore, it is key to really understand who your customer base is. Analyze the data, study the reports, and build out a solid profile of your target customer. Otherwise, the social proof that you market will have no effect on the customers that may actually be interested in your product/service.

4. Take Advantage Of People’s FOMO

How will you leverage social proof?

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