[Livestream] Roger Ver, Clay Collins and Paul Veradittakit The Future of Cryptocurrency Investing

Are you interested in the future of blockchain, cryptocurrency and token offerings?


Roger Ver

Roger Ver, often dubbed Bitcoin Jesus is one of the earliest investors in and proponents of Bitcoin. He’s made hundreds of millions, if not billions off his investments and was also an early investor in bitcoin.com, blockchain.com, Zcash, BitPay and Kraken. He led a fork of Bitcoin, known as Bitcoin Cash to address scaling problems with Bitcoin’s infrastructure and Core team which created quite a stir.

Clay Collins

Clay Collins is one of the top internet marketers in the world. After leaving home at age 15 to start his first software company, Clay has gone on to cofound Leadpages and raise $38M. Clay is also the co-founder of Nomics, the API/analytics software for enterprise level crypto investors and runs the popular crypto podcast Flippening.

Paul Veradittakit

Paul Veradittakit is a Partner at Pantera Capital and focuses on the firm’s venture capital and hedge fund investments. Pantera Capital is the earliest and largest institutional investor in digital currencies and blockchain technologies, managing over $250M. Since joining in 2014, Paul has helped to launch the firm’s second venture fund and currency funds, executing over 30 investments. Paul also holds board seats, mentors a few accelerators, and advises startups. Prior to joining Pantera, Paul worked at Strive Capital as an Associate focusing on investments in the mobile space, including an early stage investment in App Annie.


  • Network effects in a cryptocurrency world
  • How token incentives drive value and adoption
  • Ways to value cryptoassets
  • Why network is a key factor in determining crypto value
  • The importance of first mover effects in blockchain
  • What to expect on the future of Bitcoin
  • And much much more

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