[REPLAY] Content Creators’ Role in the Blockchain Ecosystem

Media plays an important role in society. Videos, articles, podcasts and blogs constantly disseminate information and have the power to influence. In crypto, Content Creators have become our major media encompassing television, newspaper and radio. As people’s desire to build a better future while earning returns mounts, Content Creators’ opinions carry weight and the need to source reliable information is a must.

There are a number of Content Creators and outlets covering Blockchain developments but navigating this world as a consumer or entrepreneur can be tricky. Three key players in the Crypto Content Creation space join Corl Advisor Matt Ward to share insightful tips and illuminating facts on how to best navigate this space.

“I think the back end is essentially the most important part. It’s probably more than 50, 60, 80% of the product. If you don’t have a back end, you don’t have a product. But what we’ve been seeing with these coin shillings and ICOs is people do the marketing first. You get all the marketing done. You get your pretty white paper. What you see now, most white papers have mostly text talking about the industry versus actual complexities of the product and how it works. But that’s what we’ve been seeing 2017, a lot of marketing first and then build the product. But then, hopefully, this year, and as we go, we’ll see which companies fall off the grid.”

Jose Mota [Daily Crypto] is a digital media marketer, podcast creator and founded the Daily Crypto podcast.

“Unless you become an operator and more than just a YouTube content creator, you’re not going to survive very well in this market, and I think that’s part of the ebbs and flows of it. We’re going to see new people come in. We’re going to see new people exit out from the content creation game. Only those people that have real value to provide to the community I think are going to survive. And so, I feel bad in a lot of ways for YouTubers who are solely trying to make a living on content creation. It’s a rough life. It’s a rough life.”

Peter Saddington, host of Decentralized TV.

“And that’s what it’s all about, investing and good ideas, because if you don’t, you’re going to lose that money. Again, 2017, you could invest in anything and make money, but we’re getting into a phase now where bad ideas are going to destroy capital, and good ideas are going to reward investors, and that’s what it comes down to is rewarding good ideas, and that’s how I see things playing forward.”

Kenneth Ameduri is the chief editor and co-founder of Crush The Street, an alternative financial and economic news website.

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