Foundry’s WTF (03-March-2017)

The Foundry’s Weekly Technology Fix (WTF) is a curated list of articles/posts/etc. we found interesting. The Foundry @ Cornell Tech transforms research and ideas into products.

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Department of 🎮 💉 (Digital Addictions)

Voice assistants influencing kids' behaviors; and a tool to manage your kids' screen time.

Department of 💡🏙 (Smarter Cities)

Smart gun detection; smart traffic lights; smart bus stops; and hidden trash.

Department of 🤑 🔌 (Shameless Plugs)

Lego female NASA scientist; must-see movie; and a visual way to look at probabilities and statistics.

Department of 🌈🎆(Silver Linings)

Banksy in Bethlehem; a seal with a plush version of itself; and pollution as art.

Department of 🎬 📖 (worthy quotes)

« At a time when tech-entrepreneurs are reinventing the world, public policy makers are reinventing the wheel. » – The Public Wealth of Nations, by Detter and Fölster.

« If you’re not embarrassed by how naïve you were six months ago, you’re not learning fast enough. » – Nathan Bashaw.

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