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‘Cornell Moments’ show glimpse into campus life

Experiencing the sights and sounds of Cornell University are as much a part of being a Cornellian as wearing red (or carnelian). The Cornell Moments series takes you on brief sensory adventures into the rich atmosphere of Cornell in every season and every mood. Catch every unique moment on YouTube Shorts.

Immerse yourself in the magical A.D. White Library

The Andrew Dickson White Library has been called one of the country’s most beautiful libraries, and is certainly one of the most sought-after places to study at Cornell. Ever since it opened in 1891, the “President White Library” — originally built to house Cornell’s first president’s personal collection of 31,000 books — has held a special place in the hearts of Cornellians.

“A library is a good place to go when you feel bewildered or undecided, for there, in a book, you may have your question answered.” — E.B. White ’21

Glide across snow-covered upstate New York

In the cross-country skiing course from Cornell Outdoor Education, Cornellians learn how to ski across different snow-covered landscapes. With over 200,000 enrollments since its founding in 1972, COE is the largest collegiate Outdoor Education program in the country. Explore all of the activities you can experience in every season at Cornell.

Experience the Big Red energy inside Lynah Rink

Go behind the scenes and inside the arena with Big Red Hockey. Whether it’s a rivalry game against Harvard or a run to the championship, Lynah Rink—home to Cornell hockey since 1957—is an energetic and electrifying venue. Join the “Lynah Faithful,” some of the loudest and most dedicated fans in the country.

Paddle across Beebe Lake during a quiet mid-summer morning

Beebe Lake is a sanctuary of water, woods and wetlands in the heart of Cornell’s campus. Trails around the lake are popular for hiking, jogging and watching wildlife and canoe rentals and courses are available to students in warmer months through the Cornell Outing Club and Cornell Outdoor Education. The woods around Beebe Lake, rich with diverse plants, abundant wildflowers and rare species, are part of the Cornell Botanic Gardens’ extensive network of gorges, trails, gardens and more.

“My memories are strong about this place; important. And the two times I have been here for sustained periods have always been extraordinary.” — Toni Morrison, M.A. ’55

Listen to a chimes concert in McGraw Tower

The bells of Cornell, referred to as the Cornell Chimes, are the heartbeat of campus life, marking the hours and chiming daily concerts played primarily by student chimesmasters. The Chimes are the university’s oldest musical tradition, and one of the most frequently played set of bells on any American college campus. The original set of nine bells, a gift of Jennie McGraw, first rang out at the university’s opening ceremonies on October 7, 1868.

Spend a serene afternoon in the Liberty Hyde Bailey Conservatory

The Liberty Hyde Bailey Conservatory provides a home for exotic plants representing more than 80 families from around the world to support hands-on teaching, research and outreach missions of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

Float high above Cornell in a magical snowfall

Cornell’s Ithaca campus changes dramatically with the seasons, but its beauty is constant. The towers, bridges, buildings, hills and trees of the university dusted with a January snowfall are a striking and enchanting sight to behold.

Celebrate Cornell with the Big Red Band

Nothing evokes Big Red pride quite like hearing Cornell’s alma mater played by the Big Red Band at Schoellkopf Field. The largest band in the Ivy League performs at home and Ivy League away football games and countless other events on campus and beyond, including at the semi-annual Sy Katz ’31 parade in New York City.

Enjoy a front row view of the fencing team

Fencing at Cornell has enjoyed a tradition of excellence since the early 1900s. The Big Red women’s squad has frequently placed among the top ten at the national tournament. From “en garde” through lunges and parries, join Big Red Fencing on the strip.

It’s never too early to begin creating your own unique moments—and memories—at Cornell. Dive into the experiences and opportunities that abound in Ithaca and beyond.

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